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Thank you for your interest in Woodbine Swim Club!

For over 60 years, Woodbine has offered families like yours not just the pools to play in, but a home away from home for the summer. Hundreds of families have grown up here and built friendships and memories that have lasted a lifetime.

Now it's your turn to to share in the community and family spirit that makes Woodbine so special. Woodbine provides a summer recreation solution for your entire family, every day of the summer season. Your family will enjoy swimming, basketball, shuffleboard, sand castles, picnics, parties, friendships and hometown warmth. For less than the cost of a week down the shore, you will have a private getaway right next door for the entire summer!


Becoming a member is easy. Please refer to the payment information below and complete the membership application, and you will finally have a lasting answer to the dreaded question, "What should we do this summer?"


Thank you again for your interest, and we look forward to making you a part of our family tradition.  

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Requires Board Approval

2024 Dues- NEW MEMBERS

  • Bond holder $225

  • Spouse $71

  • Child $36.50

  • Capital improvements $157

  • Initial Bond payment $100

  • Other Adult $69

  • Plus taxes

  • Subsequent minimum bond payment is $50 annually until satisfied ($500 total)

Membership dues are discounted 50% for the first year, as reflected above


  • Bond holder $450

  • Spouse: $142

  • Child: $73 (per child)

  • Capital improvements: $157

  • Bond payment: Minimum $50

  • Other Adults $136

  • Plus taxes

  • Subsequent minimum bond payment is $50 annually until satisfied ($500 total)

The board has approved a New member referral program! If your are a current member you can earn $25 for each of your referrals towards your 2022 Woodbine Membership.

To Qualify: The new referred friend or family must join and pay their dues in full for the 2021 season. No limit to the number of Referrals. Only the referring member will receive $25 off on their 2022 invoice. Questions contact Nicole Kipp at


Frequently Asked Membership Questions

What is a bond holder?

A bondholder holds partial ownership of the swim club, which gives members a stake in the pool.  Within each family membership, there is at at least one bond holder. 

What is a capital improvements fee?

Each year, there are upkeep and maintenance costs. The capital improvements fee allows us to keep our club safe, clean, and beautiful for all of our members.

How much is the bond in total?

The bond is $500 in total. The initial bond payment for new members is $100, and is subsequently $50 minimum per year until the $500 bond is paid in full.

Am I allowed to bring in guests?

Yes, you may bring in guests. Guest fees are $10 per person at the door, or $5 per person after 5 pm. Guest pass bundles are available for a limited time throughout the summer.

Please keep in mind that guests who are 18 and older are only allowed to enter the club 4 times, and minors are only allowed to enter the club 8 times. If a guest were to exceed that number, we would strongly encourage them to purchase a membership.

Do I have to be a bondholder to be a member?

Yes, all families are required to have a bondholder on their membership.

Can I reserve the pool for a private party?

Yes, we offer pavilion rentals for parties! Please refer to our party rental tab for more information. 

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