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Why become a member at Woodbine?  
Woodbine offers something for everyone.  We have 3 pools that accommodate toddlers, beginners and experts.  There are shaded and sunny areas that you can relax in.  We have a basketball court and a lot of open space.  We have grills (both charcoal and gas) where you can cook your favorite summer meals and a full service snack stand if you want to pick something up.  We've had special events like water aerobics, ice cream trucks, DJ's, Holiday Parties, and movie nights.  Because we are member owned, we offer flexibility in what we can do from year to year.  We are also open to new ideas from members on what fun events we can add!!

woodbine main lanes.jpeg


Requires Board Approval


  • Bond holder $430

  • Spouse $136

  • Child $70 (per child)

  • Capital improvements $151

  • Bond payment $50

  • Other Adults $132

  • Plus taxes

  • Subsequent minimum bond payment is $50 annually until satisfied

2022 NEW MEMBER Dues

  • Bond holder $215

  • Spouse $68

  • Child $35

  • Capital improvements $151

  • Initial Bond payment $100

  • Other Adult $66

  • Plus taxes

  • Subsequent minimum bond payment is $50 annually until satisfied

The board has approved a New member referral program! If your are a current member you can earn $25 for each of your referrals towards your 2022 Woodbine Membership.

To Qualify: The new referred friend or family must join and pay their dues in full for the 2021 season. No limit to the number of Referrals. Only the referring member will receive $25 off on their 2022 invoice. Questions contact Nicole Kipp at


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